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Use smart technology to protect the things you love and we’ll give you a fairer price on your home insurance.

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The things that matter most can be insured, but they can never be replaced.

We reward you for using smart technology to protect what you love.

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Take action.

We are the insurance company that incentivises people to use smart technology to keep their things safe, by offering lower rates to people who protect what they insure.

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Insurance for what you have.
Protection for what it means.

No annual increases

The price you see is the price you get. We don’t lure you in and then hike it up.

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Real humans

No robocalls, only our friendly team in the UK, here to talk whenever you need us.

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No need to wait for your renewal. We’ll cover any cancellation fees your old insurer charges you.


Easy, monthly rolling contracts. Flexible cover. Everything in an app, and no admin fees, ever.

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Members-only deals on protective technology.

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The more protective tech you use, the less you pay.

Policies written for people

No jargon necessary.

Instant everything

Fast quotes, claims and changes.

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Locket members get access to our Smart Store – a curated range of smart technology to protect your home and upgrade your life.

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    The world is an unpredictable place for you and yours to call home. But with smart technology, you can change your odds for the better.

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People powered.
Community Funded

We’re committed to raising investment via crowdfunding, because we believe the best businesses are people-powered. 764 of you have already come together to support our vision for a better kind of insurance.

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The FAQs

No hassle. No drama. Just straight FAQs. 

Why don’t you ask many questions to calculate my price?

Because we’re built on the latest technology. Our super-intelligent pricing algorithm gathers the latest data from publicly available sources on the internet so you don’t need to waste time playing ’20 questions’ just to get a quote.

What can you do with information about my smart devices?

We only ask what tech you’ve got. We don’t have access to your devices and there’s no way that we could.

If you use our Network Scanner to identify your tech, it’s doing just that – identifying it as a device on your Wi-Fi network. We can’t mess with your heating, answer your door, or listen to you belting out Beyoncé in the shower.

Can you explain the legal structure of your business?

We’d love to! The key thing to note is that you get the same level of protection with us as with any other UK insurance provider.

We’re an ‘Appointed Representative’ of Pro MGA Solutions Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Ref: 770419), and we’re underwritten by WAKAM – a 200 year-old insurer.

So, while we’re still young and spry, we’ve got the backup of well-established institutions.

I still have questions…

Great! We have the answers. Chat to our team via our live chat service. If no-one’s around, you can use our help section, or leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

OK this is awesome. What now?

If you like what you see, give us a try! Start a quote using the link below. You can usually see your price in less than 60 seconds.

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