Locket + abode promotion T&Cs


How does the Locket partnership referral scheme work?

When you use a unique code from our partner – abode – to buy Locket home insurance, we’ll give you a £50 Amazon.co.uk voucher, 60 days from your policy start date. Be aware, though, it may take a further 30 days for your voucher to arrive.

Already have home insurance? We’ll cover the cost of any cancellation fees your insurer tries to charge you in Amazon.co.uk vouchers, too. Find out more.

Please bear in mind Locket is only available in the UK (including Northern Ireland), and right now we only offer combined Buildings and Contents cover. So, you’ll need to be a UK homeowner, and you’ll need to own a house (not an apartment). We’ll be rolling out new options soon, and regularly, because we know you need ’em.

How do I use the abode partnership referral code?

  • Start your quote.
  • Enter the code provided by abode when asked – you’ll see this on screen when we tell you your price.
  • Remain an active Locket member, and claim your £50 Amazon.co.uk voucher from the Locket app 60 days after your policy start date.

The boring (important) bit

  • The Locket x abode partnership promo code is valid for four weeks after abode  first launches the promotion.or After these four weeks, we may or may not choose to extend this offer using that particular code.
  • The maximum claimable against this offer is £50 in Amazon.co.uk vouchers, no cash alternatives offered.
  • This offer is only available when you insure your home through Locket.
  • You can only claim your Amazon vouchers 60 days from your policy start date.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, as well as to terminate the offer sooner than the deadline above.

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