Protect your home with Locket Occupancy(beta)
when you’re not there.

Use your smart speaker, motion detectors and cameras to scare off intruders.

Setup Tutorial

Watch how easy it is to install Locket occupancy – in just a few minutes!

Be home, even when you’re not.

“86% of burglars avoid occupied homes at all costs.”

Locket Occupancy is a new feature powered by Alexa that uses your favourite smart tech to fool thieves into thinking you’re still home, even when you’re not.

Play realistic household noises, conversations, contextual sounds and alarms to create a convincing illusion of occupancy and keep intruders at bay.


Powered by Locket.
Assisted by Alexa.

  1. Connect with your Amazon account to access Locket-exclusive occupancy audio.
  2. Connect your motion sensors or cameras which will trigger your speaker when movement is detected.
  3. Your speaker will play natural conversations and household sounds to pretend you’re home when you’re not.

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